Saturday, February 12, 2005

Vertigo wit h Stefan

After skiing up to the Divide this morning with Bill Hansen, Stefan and I decided to make a duathlon out of it and headed to Eldo this afternoon. Stefan wanted to redpoint Vertigo and I was along for the tight toprope.

I led the first two 5.9 pitches as one long pitch and had a heck of a time on the steep awkward section. I wasted a lot of time here burning out my forearms before completing the pitch. Stefan led the dihedral, but took one fall on it. I had to pull on a piece to follow this section. It is so ultra-thin and ultra-technical. I'm still a long way from leading this pitch.

Stefan also led the big roof pitch, easily. I have never followed this pitch cleanly either, but I was maybe closer today. I got to within one move before flaming out. Oh well. It was a fun day.