Thursday, September 01, 2005

Monkey Traverse - long time no do.

I hadn't been up to the Monkey Traverse for a long time, maybe all year? My Monday workouts of biking up there and doing the traverse didn't seem to happen this year. This was Eric Coppock's idea and we met at Chautauqua Park at 11:15 a.m. to run the trail up to the Monkey and then boulder a bit.

We ran up at a casual pace, but I was still breathing heavily and dripping in sweat. Eric seemed hardly fazed. This guy could be a monster on the trails if he wanted to and next year he wants to: he's signing up for the Pikes Peak Marathon with a goal of breaking five hours. Heaven help him...

We pulled on our shoes and Eric immediately and casually sent the first third into the rest. He said his fingers were screaming, but it looked effortless and he took his time doing it, as it pump wasn't a factor. Getting out of the rest proved troublesome for him, though, mostly do to his long legs.

I went next and sent the entire traverse, with the exit seeming to be particular easy. The final reach to the jug was so easy I wondered how it could have ever been a problem for me.

Eric climbed into the rest and this time wrestled with the second third a bit before coming off. I sent the entire traverse a second time. Now Eric started from the rest again and got at least halfway to the kneelock rest at the end of the second third. He'll get this entire traverse in 4 or 5 more sessions, I'd think.

I sent the traverse a third time and Eric did the opening third again before we put on our shoes and headed down into Gregory Canyon to complete our loop. That was fun.


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