Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wind Ridge with Derek and Loobster

The Loobster and I hiked Estes Cone and then into Wild Basin at bit today, but were unmotivated for a big alpine climb. At 5 p.m. we headed to Eldo with Derek and climbed the 3-pitch 5.7 Wind Ridge on the Wind Tower. This was my first rock climb ever, back in 1980 and we only did the first two pitches. This was back before camming units!

This route is the best advanced beginner route I've ever seen. It has all different types of climbing packed into three short pitches: hand traverses, jam cracks, finger cracks, a chimney, face climbing, and even a very cool roof. The position is great as well, right along a ridge for the first two pitches.

Loobster climbed right behind Derek on the first pitch, but Derek needed no help and we didn't do any more simul-seconding after this. We climbed it as five short pitches so that I could always be within sight of Derek. He didn't need me, but I wanted to watch him climb and talk with him. The attached photo is Derek going through a significant overhang on the last pitch. He looks pretty frightened, don't you think? Complete photos are here:

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