Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Gym Report

Weighed in at 165.8 - my first weigh-in under 166. Not real, I realize, but a nice perk for the 10,000 vert. I did this weekend. I figure all I need to do it 10,000 vert/weekend and I should lose some weight... :-)

Gym went reasonably well. Warmed up on a 5.9, then a 10a, 10b, and then onsighted a 10d, barely. I tried another 10d and grabbed the 4th draw, clipped, but did not hang, and then finished the route. I need to go back and clean that baby up, but today I moved on to a tough 11a that has been bugging me. I made good progress on this. My first time I made all but the last clip, hung, and then finished. I tried three more times and each time made all the clips and got to the last move before falling. It's a tough last move as I have to stand on my right, non-climbing shod foot and grab a very high, rounded undercling with my right hand. I just need to pull up into this and get my left foot up and I can then grab the top. It should go on Wednesday and probably on my first try. I might even brave a climbing shoe on my right foot to give me that extra edge.

Summary: 9, 10a, 10b, 10d, 10d (one draw grab), 11a, 11a, 11a, 11a (all with one hang). 

Nine routes is a big morning for me, but I was just climbing with Corey the entire time, so only two of us.

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