Friday, April 25, 2014

King Conquer

This morning I went up onto Flagstaff Mountain to...boulder! Sort of. Actually, to toprope a hard boulder problem that was too tall to jump off safely. This problem is rated V3, so about 13 grades below the top grade of V16. Still, I couldn't touch it. That translates, supposedly to 11d, which I normally can't touch, but maybe can get with lots of work. This one will take a lot of work. Right now it just doesn't seem likely I'll be able to pull on one of the key holds.

I went up there with Rick Accomazzo, of the famed Stonemasters. Back in the day when he climbed this with Pat Ament (the first ascensionist), he soloed it. He didn't do that today, but he cruised it nicely on TR. He then did it with a sit start.

All I really did all morning was three relatively easy, though overhanging, hand jams. That led up to the move that I couldn't do. Still, I roughed up my hands quite a bit. It was humbling and reminded me why I don't boulder on Flagstaff - everything is too hard for me. Well, most things. And the rock is so rough. And I'm a little girl...

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