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Post Mortem on 2015 Goals

Each January I make up a giant list of goals for the coming year and generally do a mediocre job on getting them done. I'm okay at the physical/outside goals, but when it comes to producing creative work, I suck. I have some ideas on how to help myself be better in 2016 and we'll see. At least I'm striving for improvement...

Here are some of my goals from 2015 and how I did against them:

Climb 52 different peaks:
     Success. I did 63 unique mountains and a total of 162 ascents. Here they are:

DatePeakNotesNumber of Ascents
1/1/2015FlagstaffFirst person to top out Flagstaff in 2015. Nicely packed trail until I went off-trail for the summit. Then snow nearly up to my knees. Also climbed with Mark and Sheri24
1/2/2015Mount Lady WashingtonCold, but no wind. With Mark Oveson. 5h20m for the roundtrip. Also climbed this with Charlie and Jason on the triple couloir linkup.2
1/3/2015South Boulder PeakCombined with Bear Peak. Packed snow all the way. Went easy the entire time. Also climbed with Mark16
1/3/2015Bear PeakSee above. Also climbed with Mark adn Will and Marcus13
1/4/2015SanitasDid a cool loop to the west. Cold: 12 degrees. Also climbed with Sheri13
1/6/2015Green MountainWith Homie. Up normal route and down via First Flatiron route. Microspikes the whole way up and down. Also climbed with Mark and Sheri and Corey24
1/10/2015Estes ConeWith Mark and Octavian1
1/29/2015Longs PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman. Also climbed this with Charlie and Jason on the triple couloir linkup. And with Homie in March13
1/29/2015Mt. MeekerWith Charlie Nuttelman. Also climbed this with Charlie and Jason on the triple couloir linkup.2
2/15/2015Coal Creek PeakSolo, all off-trail. Avoided snow mostly1
2/15/2015Crescent MountainSolo, all off-trail. Avoided snow mostly, except near the very summit where I did a bit of postholing. Took it slow1
3/22/2015Independence MonumentWith Derek, Arthur, and Homie1
3/23/2015Ancient ArtWith Derek, Arthur1
3/24/2015Assembly HallWith Derek, Arthur, and Homie1
3/25/2015Window Blind PeakWith Derek, Arthur, and Homie1
3/29/2015Twin Sisterssolo1
4/19/2015Rainbow Mountainvia Rainbow Wall w/Chris Weidner.1
4/20/2015Juniper PeakLinked two rock climbs to the summit with Chris Weidner.1
5/2/2015Wigwam PeakIn the Lost Creek Wilderness with Homie, Mark, and Charlie1
5/2/2015Buffalo PeakIn the Lost Creek Wilderness with Homie, Mark, and Charlie1
5/2/2015The CastleIn the Lost Creek Wilderness with Homie and Charlie. A dicey 5.6, bouldery scramble in my hobnail shoes1
6/7/2015Wheeler Peak, NevadaIn Great Basin National Park with Derek. Cold, windy, and no visibility on the summit.1
6/9/2015Half DomeSnake Dike with Derek1
6/10/2015Lembert DomeHiking and scrambling with Derek1
6/12/2015Cloud's RestMy Favorite Things with Derek1
6/13/2015Boundary PeakHighest peak in Nevada - with Derek1
6/25/2015James PeakEarly morning ascent with Mark1
6/29/2015Eldorado MountainSolo. Found a good trail up the lower part and then a decent route at the very top. The steep section in between is difficult and tedious1
7/3/2015West Spanish PeakWith Sheri and Derek. Fun, casual hike. Top part is steep and loose, but not too bad.1
7/4/2015Wheeler Peak, New MexicoWith Sheri and Derek. Super fun, beautiful hike.1
7/4/2015East Spanish PeakWith Sheri and Derek, after Wheeler Peak - huge day. Raced the darkness on this one, not starting up until 2:40 p.m.1
7/10/2015Handies PeakWith Sheri and Derek1
7/12/2015Sneffels PeakWith Derek1
7/15/2015St. Vrain MountainWith Corey, Jon Ortega1
7/15/2015Meadow MountainWith Corey, Jon Ortega1
7/22/2015Mt. AudubonWith Corey and Mark1
7/29/2015Gannett PeakWith Derek - awesome!1
7/29/2015Miriam PeakWith Derek1
7/29/2015Dinwoody PeakWith Derek1
8/1/2015Grand TetonWith Derek - Major crowds, a couple doofuses1
8/3/2015Granite PeakWith Derek1
8/3/2015TempestWith Derek1
8/5/2015Pawnee PeakWith Mark1
8/8/2015ApacheWith Mark, Derek, and Mallory1
8/8/2015Dicker's PeckWith Mark, Derek, and Mallory1
8/8/2015NavajoWith Mark, Derek, and Mallory1
8/22/2015Green Mountain (RMNP)With Sheri1
8/22/2015Nisa MountainWith Sheri1
8/22/2015Mount PattersonWith Sheri1
8/23/2015Mount IdaWith Sheri1
9/6/2015Mount AnteroWith Sheri, Derek, and Danny1
9/20/2015Half MountainWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Storm PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Pagoda PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Chiefs HeadWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015McHenry's PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Powell PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Taylor PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Otis PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Hallet PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/20/2015Flat Top PeakWith Charlie Nuttelman1
9/26/2015Mt. SpauldingWith Kraig, Brook, Gabi1
9/26/2015Mt. EvansWith Kraig, Brook, Gabi1

Climb the five local peaks (SBP, Bear, Green, Flag, Sanitas) in every month of the year:
     I succeeded here. My final totals for the local peaks were:
South Boulder Peak16
Bear Peak13
Green Mountain24
My biggest month was December where I did 14 ascents. January (12) was the only other month with double-digit ascents

Longs Peak Project:
     Check. This was a late addition to the list, not officially getting on there until February. The final tally there was:

January18thLoft/Clark's ArrowCharlie/JonFAILED! - 4h18m
29thLoft/Clark's ArrowCharlie 8h20m
February13thNorthwest CouloirCharlie 8h13m
March15thD7CharlieFAILED! - 14h04m
21stNorth Face / Cables RoutesCharlie and Homie7h35m
April11thThe TroughCharlie 7h20m Skied into base of Trough
May31stFlying Beaver TraverseCharlie 10h10m
June21stMartha's Notch WeaverCharlie and Jason Antin13h55m. Huge day! Finally cleaned up the triple couloir linkup. 
July8thFailed nighttime Keyhole attempt with AndrewCharlie, Stefan, Andrew, etc.5h12m
24thTriathlon via KienersCharlie11h06m (10h40m or so from/to Broadway and 28th)
August21stCasual RouteAnton11h25m
29thMary's LedgesCharlie8h17m
September20thGlacier Gorge Traverse via Keyhole RidgeCharlie12h55m
October 3rdSouthwest RidgeCharlie8h21m
November7thRight DovetailCharlie10h18m
December6thKeplinger's CouloirCharlie12h50m
Two state high points:
     Success - I did four state highpoints: Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana

Other various climbing goals:
     Redpoint 53 5.11's in the gym: I did 62
     Redpoint 5 5.12's in the gym: I did 10
     Climb two 50CC routes: I did zero
     Climb a peak in the Never Summer Range: did not even try
     Traverse from Navajo to South Arapahoe: did not even try
     Redpoint first pitch of Genesis: succeeded
     Redpoint first pitch of X-M: Got it clean on my second TR try, never tried to lead it
    Redpoint Vertigo and Psycho's first pitch: Did not even try
     Climb Cloud's Rest: success
     Climb Mt. Watkins: once again, failed to attempt it. This is the face that has been on my list the longest.

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