Saturday, January 26, 2013

Backside Loop via Bison Drive

Backside Loop via Bison Drive by billwright510 at Garmin Connect - Details

I met Mark for this long run. We both wore our Nathan packs and carried about 40 ounces of liquid and some snacks. I ran with my iPhone and am loving the MotionX-GPS app on my phone. It talks to me every x minutes or x distance and tells me my total mileage, elevation, and average pace. I love stuff like that. You can also download tracks to display on the free topos you can download to the phone. Recommended.

Man, this run killed me. I'm fine getting to Eldo, but then I'm just done. My hips and knees just seem to seize up. I'm not bonking. I'm drinking and eating and my energy is good, but from the waist down, I feel 70 years old at that point. I'd been doing ten-mile runs and feeling quite good at the end, so I figured, at a slower pace, I should feel pretty good until maybe 15 miles. Not so. Hurting at around 11. Oh well. More training I guess.

We saw a number of friends out enjoying the trails as well. We stopped to chat each time. I was thankful for the rest, but didn't want to stop for too long, fearing I'd have trouble getting moving again. My feet were in bad shape at the start because of my frost damage I did last weekend in the Bells. It was quite painful to run downhill for the entire run, but what limited me the most was my groin and my knees. I just don't seem to have the connective tissue for long distance trail running. But it was great to get out with Mark and our conversation flowed nicely the entire time, as usual.

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