Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crazy Garmin Data

I love my 310XT Garmin watch. It has numerous features that make it a great training tool and even a reasonable navigation tool. One really neat feature is that if the watch is on and near my computer, all the data will be automatically transferred not just to the computer, but clear to the Garmin Connect online site well! That's slick. A nice online archive of all my workouts/adventures. But some things are annoying about the site. Here's one example of the site being inconsistent with itself. For this workout, a run across Zion National Park, the site lists 542 more feet of elevation loss than gain. For that to be true, the adventure must finish 542 feet BELOW where it started. Yet the site clearly shows the opposite to be true, which happens to be correct. 

The profile line clearly shows some erroneous points but that cannot explain the inconsistent data, since the graph is shown continuously. 

This sort of stuff annoys me. The developers should have put in a check to make sure they don't present something that they'd know is complete garbage. That's just lazy programming and/or insufficient QA.

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