Saturday, June 08, 2013

Three Peaks Run

Homie and I ran the three peaks today. South Boulder Peak had just opened up a few days ago and Homie had already tested himself on this, the biggest climb, near Boulder. He went up in just over an hour, but today we took it a lot easier, knowing we were going a lot longer. We both wore ultra-running packs and I carried two bottles; Homie just one. We topped out SBP in 1h15 and were on top of Bear Peak by 1h30.

We descended Bear's West Ridge trail and then ran up the Green-Bear trail, clear to the West Ridge of Green. I would not have run this entire way, even though it isn't very steep, if it were not for Homie setting the pace. It was already getting hot and I was already fading. We topped Green at 2h20m and ran back down the West Ridge to the Ranger Trail junction. Here we parted company. Homie continued over Flagstaff and Sanitas, headed for his kid's swim meet in north Boulder. I descended Bear Canyon to the Mesa Trail and ran that to the Bluestem Trail and down that back to my car at the South Mesa Trailhead. I got there at 3h35m, feeling really ready to be done. I walked the hill just south of Bear Canyon on the Mesa Trail and also the "Death Stairs" between the Shanahan trail junctions.

This run was 15 miles and just over 4000 vertical feet. It felt like more climbing than that to me. I guess I need more runs like this.

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